Washer & Dryer Repair Near Me

Washer & Dryer Repair Near Me

How Can I Find a Reputable Washer & Dryer Repair Near Me?

Step One: Obtain a referral from a friend or family member- it’s really the best way to get connected with an appliance repair company. At Del’s Appliance, we’ve been serving your community for more than 50 years; in fact, you probably already know people who are doing business with us. We welcome you to take a closer look at our reputation on your preferred directory online. You’ll find we are the most reliable ‘washer & dryer repair near me’, according to our customers.

Step Two: If you’re unable to obtain a referral, take advantage of online review sites to find out how well your prospective service is meeting the needs of their customers. Look for testimonials that tell a complete story, rather than ratings that are vague. Online reviews can be a tremendous asset when looking into the history of any service provider. Of particular value are reviews which have been personally responded to by the company being discussed. At Del’s Appliance, we’re proud of our A+ Better Business Bureau rating that is an excellent companion to our long and growing list of positive client reviews. Feel free to type our name into the search bar on Yelp, Google, Angie’s List, or one you may be more familiar with.

Step Three: Get connected by phone to find out how your prospects respond to service calls. Call each company on your short list and pay close attention to how the conversation goes. A reputable company will turn the conversation to you repeatedly, asking questions about how they can meet your needs, about the history of your appliances, and about your objectives in having them repaired. You should walk away from the conversation feeling satisfied that the person of contact went above and beyond to fully understand the situation. We invite you to call us at Del’s Appliance, and we have 2 locations to better serve the community. If you’re searching for a washer & dryer repair near me, choose from our KC, MO location, at 816-761-5268 or our Adrian, MO location, at 816-297-2228.

Our service techs will do everything possible to restore your washer and/or dryer to properly working condition again. In most cases, it’s just a broken component or part that needs replacing, but in some cases, an appliance has lived out its usefulness and requires replacement. After a complete diagnosis of the problem, our techs will discuss all of your options with you. If a replacement seems to be the best solution, they’ll recommend a make and model that will best match your needs and fit your budget.

We are known throughout the community as the most reliable washer & dryer repair near me in Johnson County. Why call around when we can guarantee our work and promise low rates on repairs? We’ll go the extra mile to ensure you’re 100% satisfied with your appliance repair.
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